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Join the Vital Village team

As a Community Interest Company, Vital Village's management will be supported by an Advisory Board – a group comprising residents and representatives from local businesses and our council, selected to provide guidance, expertise, strategic advice and oversight to support our mission, vision, and goals.

Similarly, Vital Village's varied Programmes will be overseen by Programme Champions – enthusiastic people who are dedicated to supporting their local community.

If you're keen to get involved, please check out the roles below and apply. We are keen to form our Board by the end of April 2024. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What is Vital Village, and what is its mission?
    At Vital Village, we believe in considering health, wellbeing, and sustainability in a holistic way. We recognize that true wellness encompasses not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and social dimensions. Our approach emphasizes the connectivity of these aspects, understanding that personal wellbeing goes hand in hand with a healthy planet. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of programmes and resources that address these dimensions, empowering community members to lead a balanced and fulfilling life while minimizing their environmental footprint. Our commitment extends beyond individual health to foster a sense of community wellness and environmental stewardship.
  • What types of activities will be available at Vital Village?
    At Vital Village, you can expect a wide range of activities and programmes, including kids and community building activities, an inviting community café with co-working space, wellness programmes, fitness classes, arts and culture events, sustainability and much more. We'll also collaborate with local groups to host a variety of events and workshops. There is huge potential for Vital Village’s activities – we will work with the community to understand what to focus on.
  • What does Vital Village mean for current users of the Centre?
    It is only natural that the possibility of change is unsettling for current Centre users. The Centre already is to some and can become a vital aspect of our community to many more. Vital Village has the ability to significantly unlock community activity and potential - we have been liaising with a number of individuals interested in hiring the spaces at the Centre, and they are that much more excited to do so under the Vital Village concept. From the start, it has always been Vital Village’s intention to embrace the current centre users and we would be more than happy to discuss with the leadership of the groups how we can collaborate (we already have been discussing alternatives with some). Most if not all current activities happening at the Centre are exactly the type of activities Vital Village would be hosting, so there is no problem whatsoever there. It would be nonsense if we were to try to alienate current users of the Centre. Vital Village is a community Initiative, we would just be facilitating it.
  • Is Vital Village a 'for profit' organisation? If it goes ahead, would that mean 'privatising' the Centre?
    No, Vital Village is a Community Interest Company (CIC). Our primary goal is to benefit the community, and any profits generated will be reinvested to improve our activities and facilities. A CIC is a legal structure in the UK designed for initiatives and organizations that have a primary goal of benefiting the community. CICs are considered a hybrid between traditional businesses and charities, as they aim to generate profits for community benefit while also addressing social or community-related issues. This structure provides transparency and accountability to the community, as CICs are required to report on their social impact and demonstrate how they are fulfilling their mission.
  • Is the future of the Centre less secure if Vital Village comes in?
    The most efficient way to secure the future of the Centre (even though there has been no indication that it would be in danger) is to ensure that it is a well-used and vibrant community asset. Vital Village’s model ensures that the Centre is financially viable and while the building would remain owned by EBC, Vital Village would manage facilities, operations, spaces, hiring, events, café, etc by entering into a long-term lease with the Council.
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